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“When I joined Carney Academy it was the next step up in my training and development as an actor. A wonderful bridge between amateur and professionalism. I still think back on some of the morals and techniques taught in those classes and they will stay deep with me throughout my life.”
George Webster, currently at Guildhall School of Speech and Drama, May 2015

“What makes Carney Academy so special to me is that it treats acting as a craft. It teaches you real skills which make for truthful characters and emotions, while the relaxed classes allow you to explore with these skills both individually and collectively. A truly inspirational place to be.”
Timothy Gabriel, about to start at East 15 Drama School Autumn 2015, May 2015

Carney academy is a true rarity of a theatre school. I walk away from every session as a better actor. You are constantly challenging and adapting your skills, and the opportunities provided for young people like me are too good to miss. The fact that you get to work with industry professionals every week and explore so many different aspects of theatre allows you to find yourself as an actor and constantly widen your opportunities. Carney is a must for aspiring actors in Sheffield.”
Lois Pearson, just been accepted into the National Youth Theatre of Great Britain

“I have been a Carney Academy student for about 3 years and have loved every second of it. Not only are the classes hugely enjoyable, but through the experienced and acclaimed professionals by which we have had the fortune of being taught, we have been offered a real insight into the acting industry. Working regularly in such a creative and productive environment with some of the loveliest and most talented people I’ve ever met is hugely rewarding, and no matter whether performing is a hobby or a career goal, I would whole-heartedly recommend Carney Academy to anyone with a love of theatre.”
Ashleigh Weir, May 2015

“I was looking for a drama club for my children that would give them opportunities to be creative and improvise.  I’ve been so impressed with the shows that they and their peers have created with obviously great facilitation and direction from the academy’s teachers.”
Katharine Cossham, May 2015

“Besides offering a high quality of teaching in the arts Carney Academy is a safe place to build and grow not only as an actor but as a person. The group Saturday classes are fun, innovative and informative. The opportunities for summer schools and private coaching that I have received for auditions or film roles has enabled me to do so much more than I thought possible. They really care about all their students and I will be forever grateful.”
Phoebe Mills, current NYT student and member of Carney, May 2015

All three of my children attend Carney and they all love it. They get lots of opportunities to perform and we have always been impressed with the quality of the productions, and the way in which the children have grown in confidence, and developed their singing and acting skills. They have also had great opportunities to audition for local and national productions: Seth appeared in a production of “Brassed off” at the Lyceum last year.
Maddy Arden Armitage, May 2015

“My son has been at drama classes since he was 5. He came to Carney over a year ago now and loves it. It’s the best drama school he has attended. He is now 11 and has taken part in productions within the school and obtained paid work through Carney. He is dyslexic and the school has really helped with his self confidence and his attitude towards his abilities.”
Claire Smith, Parent of Loui Goodison, May 2015

I really enjoy Carney because of the team building activities and the confidence I’ve gained. It’s also a great place to make friends.”
Kester Arden Armitage, Age 11, May 2015

“I have been really impressed by the improvement in acting and dancing ability and increased confidence demonstrated by the pupils. The regular performances are a treat!”
Dr Amaka C Offiah, May 2015

“I joined Carney Academy in the very first term in September 2010 at a time when my interest in acting and drama was being rekindled after quite a few years of inactivity in the area.  Five years later and five years of solid practice and learning in drama as well as now doing singing and dance classes means that my development in performing arts is ever increasing.  Carney Academy has become one of the major influences upon my life and has made it possible for me to prepare for trying to do professional acting work as well as making me a more confident person and much better performer on stage.  The classes that I have attended on Saturdays as well as Carney Extra courses and Summer/Easter schools have always been taught in a thoroughly professional manner, delivered by industry professionals and the knowledge and skills learned at the Academy always sink deeply into the memory and into the heart.  My life has changed and been profoundly enriched by Carney Academy.”
Ian Whitehead, Adult student at Carney Academy, May 2015

“I have been a student at Carney Academy since it opened five years ago. The teachers and students have always made me feel welcome and it is a fantastic environment to learn in.  Since joining I have developed across all three disciplines and my confidence in myself as a performer has grown.  The academy has a way of nurturing individuals to become their best, through insightful workshops and classes run by a variety of industry professionals.   I recently attended an intense three day audition workshop, that upon completion I now feel like I am prepared for successful entry into the profession.   One of the most important skills I have acquired at the academy is professionalism.  In all the shows students are treated as if they are in a professional company, working to the same level and standard.  This has then enabled me to have a better standard of work at university with external practitioners.”
Rhiannon Morgan, currently at Carlisle University studying Musical Theatre

“At Carney, you make a lot of friends, you learn heaps, the coaches are really friendly and in dancing you get to create a lot of moves yourself! I love it!”
Rose Willis, Age 9, May 2015


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