Spring Term 2021

This page will give you information about our acting, singing and dancing classes at Carney Academy Sheffield.

Spring Term Date and Information
The term dates are 9th January through to the 27th March not including 13th February.

Classes will take place at Channing Hall 45 Surrey St, Sheffield City Centre, Sheffield S1 2LG

All classes will be led by Anna Ferguson with Chris Hanlon as Assistant Leader.  This means that there is a female and male teacher on site at all time, both are experienced leaders and first aid trained.

All classes will have no more than 15 students in and upon signing you will be issued with our Covid 19 policy and guidelines in accordance with the government guidelines.  Everyone has to adhere to these to be part of the academy.

Terms Work
We will be getting our students back into the rehearsal room! Culminating in a performance to either a socially distanced audience before the Easter holidays or we will film the performance and make it available for you as audiences.

We can’t promise all will be allowed but we will do our best.

What each stage will be looking at is as follows

Stage 2
We will be creating an original ghost story in class, bringing in elements of well known fairytales as its base.

Stage 3
An original performance looking at bringing in aspects of performance interaction and classic “thrust theatre staging”.

Stage 4
Collaboration and creation of original characters within the traditional fairytale realm. Incorporating traditional tales with new and exciting characters.

Stage 5
Script work: Olive Garden by Samuel D. Hunter. Focusing on unique characters and developing multiple stages.

Stage 6
Script work: Trio With Accompaniment by Rory Mullarkey. Focusing on staging and a true ensemble performance.Stage Two to Adult Timetable and cost

The timetable accommodates a 15 minute slot to get classes in and out without crossover and enable us to wipe down surfaces within the room. The cost is worked out on a 11 week timetable at £8.50 an hour.

Stage Time Cost per term
Two 9 to 10am £93.50
Three 10.15 to 11.45am £140.25
Four 2.15 to 3.45pm £140.25
Five 4 to 6pm £187
Six & Adults 12 to 2pm £187

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