Adult Classes Spring 2019

We offer Adult classes in acting, singing and dance

Term Dates
12th January 2019 through to the 30th March 2019 with no class on the 23rdFebruary.

Students will be rehearsing for our festival of work next year will take place at The Lantern Theatre  from 10th to the 17th March 2019.  There will be technical rehearsals for some groups on Sunday 10th, then after school that week.  All performances will take place over the weekend of the 15th 16th and 17th.  All groups perform more than once and on both Saturday and Sunday.  The timetable will be sorted before christmas  – but please keep this time free as it is important ALL students attend all technical and dress rehearsals.

Acting – Leader Ellie Tillotson
This is for anyone who wants to try acting, for those who do amateur theatre and want to improve and for the budding professional.  You will be taught different crafts, techniques and exercises. You will learn to apply practitioner ideologies and techniques to their own work.  They will also work on other forms of theatre not just naturalism.

Performance – They will perform as part of the festival in March/April of each year.  The performance will be text based.

Dance – Rhiannon Morgan
Each student will develop and build on their confidence, imagination, technique and discipline working towards a high standard. They will delve deeper into the different dance forms building on technique and will also form a greater understanding of choreography skills. They will work in detail to create a high standard of performance and creative work working together as a company.

Singing – Matthew Symonds
Students will connect the varied sounds and colours the voice can make with the singing voice, strengthening lower and higher voice registers and changing between them; learning more complicated pieces in terms of melody, rhythm, and range, with more challenging harmonies – working toward confident 4-part harmony singing as well as opportunities for small group work such as duets; linking musical features in vocal line and accompaniment with expression in singing; awareness of appropriate features of genre.

Timetable Saturday

Group Drama Singing Dance
Adults 10.30am to 12.30pm 1pm to 2pm 2pm to 3pm


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