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Carney Academy opened in September 2010 in Sheffield and since then has gone from strength to strength. Alongside our mother academy we have Carney Academy Cheshire which opened in 2017.

Carney Academy is owned and run by professional director Ruth Carney so everything we teach is relevant to the industry right now.

Carney Academy believes in using the skills learnt through performing arts to build confidence; social and vocal skills as well as developing performance and professional theatre skills.

At the heart of this is the fact that classes are taught by people working successfully in the business. All Patrons and Tutors have a vast experience of theatre, film and television from a young age through to adult. This knowledge feeds into the development of every single student. These skills are also transferrable to every aspect of the students’ life outside of Carney Academy.

Group classes ensure that each student develops their communication skills and ability to work as a team; essential tools to being cast in the professional world. Each group led by the professional teacher will be encouraged to work individually and as part of a group. This will build confidence as the student is encouraged rather than placed on the spot to perform!

Carney Academy also offers one to one sessions in acting and singing.  These are more intensive focused lessons and are geared towards specific needs of the student taking part.

We also offer LAMDA exams which can be used towards UCAS points when applying for university.

The language of the stage and theatre is at the forefront of teaching and a thorough understanding of what it is to perform and act on a stage will be deeply rooted in the students.  Every student will be encouraged individually to develop. This will be achieved by challenging them with material they explore in class.

So as you can see there is lots’ going on, don’t you want to be part of it? Read on to find out more about what Carney Academy has to offer you…

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